Jul 14, 2013

Entry 54: Building up to this

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I finally decided to get the substation powering up Mr. House wanted done. As soon as we exited The Strip Veronica noticed for the first time my star bottlecaps pocket. Remember me telling you about it? She didn't know what it was for, like me, but as soon as we counted them and she saw I had 50 she begged me to pass by the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters, to see if it once had some prize or something.

Stupid idea right? That's what I thought too, but no.

We got there and besides some "feral" robots was a robo-greeter named Festus. He was a cowboy, in pretty bad shape, kind of creepy at first. But nice, overall. Like Victor. He responded to a determined list of commands listed by himself. He told me I could dump the star caps on a slot near him for him to count them, that I could ask for information on those bottlecaps or I could challenge him to some game. I didn't want to play any games nor did I want to waste my caps for nothing, so I said "Star Info". He told me that if I had "enough" star caps I'd win a prize. That didn't convince me at first, but Veronica told me to go for it, I had nothing to lose.

I deposited the stars and the robot did an animation like it was all happy, saying I had done it. My prize? Yeah, I got a little sad at first, while Veronica laughed at me: the robot started telling me the "true story" behind Sunset Sarsaparilla... It was kind of a legend, a nice story, in fact, but still I couldn't help asking if that was it. He told me that the company had received many complaints about that prize, so there was another prize waiting for me inside the factory. Only the path Festus indicated was blocked, so I had to snoop around.

Finally I found it, down a whole. The place smelled terribly. I quickly found out why, there was a dead guy in the corner. The place was also full of caps and fake deputy badges, but near the body was a holotape. I plugged it into the Pip-Boy and listened to it. Turned out the guy murdered and stole (from) people to get all the fifty caps. In the end it was him saying he got what was coming to him. Wishing he stayed home, taking care of his mother, who always had taught him well and in the end it turned out like it did. Asfixiation with his prize all around him. A valuable lesson.

So then it was, indeed, time to do what Mr. House asked. We walked all the way to El Dorado Dry Lake, to reach the substation. The place reminded me of Vault 11. I just had shivers writting it down.

Mr. House warned me the NCR runned the place. When I got there I was so happy that I was finally going to get the chance to kill these bastards. So when a guy came running towards me saying (RUDELY!) that there was going to be trouble if I went in the control room, I gladly punched his face out of existence.

I left a nice, good path of destruction. I don't think Veronica appreciated my loss of control. But hey, I didn't open up to her completely about you and all they did to me, so she doesn't understand. I inserted the Platinum Chip in the Power Station and powered it for Mr. House.

The plan was to go back to Mr. House, but as soon as I left the power station my Pip-Boy started jamming and working on itself. When it finally stopped, it had coordinates marked on the map. So it is time. I knew instantly what it was.

It all built up to this. The Courier Five who passed on the oportunity to carry the Platinum Chip as soon as he saw my name. The Courier who was hired by Caesar himself to assassinate Joshua Graham. The Courier who had visited the Big MT, saving Christine and giving her a message to deliver me, while at the same time manipulating Elijah into recruiting me for his dirty job in Sierra Madre. And now I know where to find him.

I sent ED-E and Veronica to the Lucky 38. This is a road I need to walk alone.

I went to Primm, as the coordinates lead somewhere near the place. Then, at the coordinates, I found a wreckage with a message for me. It said "Courier Six", told me I could go home, to The Divide. Walk the Lonesome Road, by his own words.

My heart is beating fast.

Love you,

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