Jul 22, 2013

Entry 61: Whose Glory Wins

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

There I was alone at The Divide, where everything hated me but ED-E. But he was taken from me by Ulysses. Right off the bat I met two deathclaws who wanted to rip me apart. Jesus.

Oh and that was not it. Oh, God no. There must be something about me that attracts freaking huge and special deathclaws. It looked like the legendary one, only lighter. It was almost white. I could see it from looking at him, he'd kill me in one hit. Thank God I got agile and was able to knock him to the ground and pound him to the death there. God damn. I even cut of his hand, as a reminder. Of the Divide. Of my continuous struggle against deathclaws. I dunno.

Then, when trying to find my way to where Ulysses wanted me to go (which is very, very hard, given the tons of ruined buildings laying around) I heard a battle cry and then was cut by a sword. I got in pretty rough shape and I didn't even know what had hit me. Then I saw the reflections of someone under a stealth boy, got back on my feet and killed him. It was a marked man, one of those with the Lanius masks. God...

I slept in one of the camps that were in the place. There were many of them, from before the explosions of the Divide or also those that belonged to the marked men, which were kind of disgusting to sleep in.

In the morning I finally arrived to the door that would lead me to his home. His temple.

The door led to the storage and maintenance area, where I immediatly found a marked man impaled. I pressed on, fighting against the security systems, mostly sentrybots, until I got to a room with three pods in it and, in one of them, was ED-E (or the copy of ED-E... You know, the one I've been with since I got here!). I was glad he was fine, unharmed. I told him that whatever Ulysses wanted, he needed ED-E's presence. So we wouldn't disappoint. We'd show up alright, but to put an end to all this.

Then we found an elevator. Of course, we rode it without looking back. It was the only way possible, which I was almost certain that led up, to a place where he could watch over his precious Divide.

There he was. Back turned on me. I could see America's flag on his back and also hanging in front of him, the flag itself. I approached him and he turned around. We finally faced one another. He wore a breathing mask and his eyes...

Oh, by God his eyes. Dead as Death's eyes themselves.

I was never so afraid in my entire life. I took a deep breath and smiled, out of the adrenaline. I hoped he faced it as a challenge. He talked about New Vegas and how it was poisoning, about how he'd get his revenge by burning my home (because we came from the West, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want the NCR to burn) and how I couldn't do things alone, I had to save ED-E before facing him. Keeping the smile I told him that the Mojave had tried many times but couldn't kill me and the Divide had thrown everything at me and also didn't stop me. So he didn't have much of a chance. I think he did saw it as a challenge, in a way. He said we'd end it, right then.

We had a good fight. He shot me a bunch of times but Randall's armor protected me. As he saw me running towards him with Oh Baby prepared he pulled off his Old World Staff and we fought and fought, as time ran out for the missiles to take off. Then marked men started coming, in large groups. He was distracted by it; I wasn't. I broke his leg, putting him on his knees before me, while Marked Men ran through the temple, shooting up the place. But I was focused on him. On those cold dead eyes. He looked at me and had no expression on his face. He knew what was coming, he did not try to delay. He accepted it. A glorified death. I did what had to be done. Settled everything we had between each other.

When it was time to focuse on those Marked Men, I killed them with Ulysses' staff, which he called, in one of his logs, Old Glory. Killed them all.

Now? Now I have to think. I don't like the NCR. I hate them, hate them all. And the Legion? The Legion is a big threat, even for Mr. House's plans for the future. So yeah while I was writing this I was thinking to myself whether I should or should not stop these nuclear warheads to take off. I'll probably think a little longer too.

Love you.

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